Around ten years ago, KOOCHAK began its wonderful adventure right in Bita’s basement. Fast forward through the years, and it’s grown into something truly amazing. KOOCHAK is now proud to say that it’s taught more than 50 kids in Calgary how to read and write in Farsi.

Our classes used to happen once a week, and they were a fun two-hour ride into the world of Persian language and culture. But that’s not all! At the end of each season, we threw a special gathering where our KOOCHAK kids and their families came together to celebrate all the cool stuff they’d learned.

This journey has been all about sharing our love for our culture and language with young Iranian-Canadian minds. It’s about making learning fun and meaningful. And it’s not just about the kids – it’s about our whole KOOCHAK community coming together.

Looking back at where we started fills us with joy. And we’re super excited to keep going, teaching more kids, and helping them connect with their roots and culture in a creative and exciting way!

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