At KOOCHAK School, we’re more than just educators–we’re a dedicated team brought together by a shared passion for nurturing creativity, embracing culture, and inspiring young minds. Our diverse talents and deep commitment create a dynamic and welcoming environment where Canadian-Iranian heritage thrives.

Meet Bita, the Director of Education and the visionary founder of KOOCHAK School. A decade ago, driven by the need to find a suitable Persian class for her children, she created KOOCHAK to bridge the gap between traditional teachings and the needs of young learners. Drawing from her extensive experience in Canadian education, she instilled a love for reading and writing in over 100 Calgary children. Bita holds a Ph.D. in Human Science, excelling in lecturing on Iranian history and sociology. As a visual artist, she’s been honoured with the Logue Foundation award for her contributions to immigration stories. Bita is not just an educator but also a passionate advocate for immigrant women and children, making KOOCHAK more than just a school; it’s a haven of support and empowerment.

Tannaz plays a vital role in our KOOCHAK School team, serving as the Program Coordinator, Music Teacher, and Director. She has a diverse educational background in Computer Science and Music from the Shiraz University of Art and Architecture. Her musical journey began over two decades ago, with a deep love for the violin and classical vocal music. Tannaz’s extensive experience includes membership in renowned orchestras such as “Bidad,” “Hangam,” and “Pars Contemporary,” working with notable conductors. She has also taught violin and music in various institutions and performed with the Tehran Symphony Orchestra.
As a dedicated educator and musician, Tannaz enriches our school with her expertise. She leads unique workshops that blend cultural exploration with musical education, fostering a lifelong appreciation for music and cultural experiences in our students. She is a valuable member of the KOOCHAK School community.

Meet Farzaneh, our Program Coordinator at KOOCHAK School. With a strong background in child care and a passion for education, Farzaneh has integrated innovative teaching methods into our curriculum, ensuring an engaging and effective learning journey for all students. Farzaneh’s talents go beyond the classroom. Her craftsmanship in creating dolls and educational materials adds a unique dimension to our approach, fostering creativity and enhancing children’s understanding of Iranian culture. As a mother herself, Farzaneh brings empathy and insight to her work, ensuring that every child feels valued, heard, and inspired to learn. She has furthered her education in Canada, embracing the Canadian way of life and tailoring our programs to meet the needs of Iranian-Canadian children.

Hesam, our Director of Execution, is a key player at KOOCHAK School, where he also oversees the Literature Program and provides IT guidance. With a bachelor’s in Software Engineering from the University of Tehran and a master’s in Computer Science from the University of Calgary, he brings valuable expertise to the team. Hesam’s passion for education ignited during his undergraduate years, and he spent three years as an instructor for middle and high school students at Allameh Helli School. Serving as Vice President of the Persian Library at the University of Calgary, he organized diverse workshops for various age groups, demonstrating his practical teaching approach. In his Literature Program role, Hesam introduces students to Persian literary works, enriching the educational journey at KOOCHAK School through collaboration.